Four Seasons of the Garden


Summer is the season when the trees become greener and colorful perennial flowers blossom, which shows beauty equal to Spring.
However, unlike Spring when flowers bloom intermittently as groups, each flower shows its abundance and intensity in summer.
Why don’t you come see plants shining in summer such as hydrangea, clematis, rose, peony root, phlox, veronica, horsemint, lily, daylily, and water lily in the Eden Garden, Pond Garden, Morningcalm Walk, Moonlight Garden, Sunken Garden, and J’s Cottage Garden?

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Summer Landscape


The plants which boasted their beauty in Spring, Summer, and Fall start preparing for winter.
The garden which was once colorful is now covered with white snow. Birds’ songs and the sound of water flowing under ice, which can be heard in silence in nature while you walk on the path covered with white snow, will clear your mind.

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Winter Landscape